What sets us apart

The original idea behind Upbio was to respond to new emerging market demand and create an extraordinary product. First, you have to balance health and sugar levels. As well as being a stimulating product, coffee is (or almost) everyone's best friend at the expense of hours of sleep to gain energy. However, you have to be moderate. While it is known that chocolate is a soft spot for many people, it is still a good idea to get it at an affordable price. The perfect combination of these premises gives rise to our product: the stimulating chocolates Upbio. They have the function of stimulating the body and the spirit thanks to the integration of the theine, the caffeine of the tea, in the ingredients. They allow all those who are on a business trip to get their energy easily without the inconvenience of coffee (bad breath, frequent need to urinate, clutter of the cup of coffee, stains on clothes and papers, etc.). It’s a healthy and delicious way to get your daily energy. The best part is that it is organic (Écocert Canada) and fair trade. Our stimulating chocolate is currently offered in beautiful small high-end resealable boxes. The boxes offered contain 15 mignonettes of 5 g of high-end dark chocolate to which 40 mg of theine have been added per mignonette. The chocolates are distinguished by their diversity of atypical flavors (thyme, basil, grapefruit, forest tea, balsam fir, ginger, bergamot, etc.).