Demystifying stimulating chocolate!

Démystifier le chocolat stimulant! - Upbio

What is a stimulating chocolate?

Upbio is the first Canadian company to market a chocolate with theine, the active ingredient in green tea. Other is naturally 4 mg of caffeine per 5g of 70% cocoa dark chocolate, which gives the chocolate its energizing effect. An Upbio stimulating chocolate contains 40mg of additional theine which is extracted from the green tea leaf.

What is the difference between theine and caffeine?

Theine and caffeine are in fact the same molecule! However, theine contains tannins, which reduce the effect of caffeine on the body. This is why the effect of tea is less intense than the effect of coffee. Coffee is a bioavailable food, which means that it is absorbed more quickly by the body. When you drink coffee, the effect is felt in the body only a few minutes after consumption. After 30 minutes, the maximum energy that coffee can provide is already reached. After that, there is a drop in energy that requires a second cup of coffee to regain energy. Theine acts more slowly and longer on the body with a constant stimulation of 4 to 5 hours.

What are the benefits of tea on the body?

In addition to theine, which stimulates the body on a constant basis, tea also contains theanine, a chemical component that is related to relaxation. Coffee is known to have a stressful effect on the body, which can interfere with concentration. In contrast, tea is stimulating, but not irritating like coffee. Tea also contains antioxidants that have several benefits for the body.

How do you take a stimulating chocolate?

The daily amount of caffeine/theine recommended by Health Canada is 450mg. A piece of Upbio chocolate contains about 40mg of theine compared to a piece of regular chocolate which contains 4mg. We therefore recommend a serving of 2 pieces of chocolate to obtain a dose of energy equivalent to a coffee. As an indication, a 50 ml espresso coffee contains 100mg of caffeine.

Our stimulating chocolate is therefore an excellent alternative to traditional coffee. It is a perfect option for a dose of energy in the afternoon, early evening or even during an intense sports activity. It can be taken during a task that requires concentration over a long period of time, such as study sessions. It is also ideal for people who do not like coffee or who are sensitive to it.

Is it a healthy option?

Upbio chocolates are also a great choice for health. They are flavored with organic essential oils, which means that less sugar is needed to get the same great taste as a sweeter chocolate. One square of chocolate contains only 1g of sugar. In addition, the list of ingredients is very short: Fair trade organic chocolate 72% cocoa, theine and organic essential oil extract.

Most people add sugar and cream to their coffee. For example, the coffee you pick up at the drive-thru at your favorite coffee chain can contain up to 80g of sugar, not counting the extra calories in the added cream. For a better alternative, two pieces of Upbio chocolate contain only 2g of sugar and 50 calories, plus it gives you the sweetness and energy you would find in a store-bought coffee.

Written by Jessica Parent

with the help of Vicky Croisetière, bachelor in nutrition.

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