Is this a healthy option?

Est-ce une option santé? - Upbio

Upbio chocolates are also an excellent choice for your health. They are flavored with organic essential oils, which means that less sugar is needed to get the same great taste as a sweeter chocolate. One square of chocolate contains only 1g of sugar. In addition, the list of ingredients is very short: Fair trade organic chocolate 72% cocoa, theine and organic essential oil extract.

Most people add sugar and cream to their coffee. For example, the coffee you pick up at the drive-thru at your favorite coffee chain can contain up to 80g of sugar, not counting the extra calories in the added cream. For a better alternative, two pieces of Upbio chocolate contain only 2g of sugar and 50 calories, and provide the sweetness and energy you would find in a store-bought coffee.

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