How do you take a stimulating chocolate?

Un chocolat stimulant, ça se prend comment? - Upbio

This is a good question that we are often asked in stores.

The daily amount of caffeine/theine recommended by Health Canada is 450mg. A piece of Upbio chocolate contains about 40mg of theine compared to a piece of regular chocolate which contains 4mg. We therefore recommend a serving of 2 pieces of chocolate to obtain a dose of energy equivalent to a coffee. As an indication, a 50 ml espresso coffee contains 100mg of caffeine.

Our stimulating chocolate is therefore an excellent alternative to traditional coffee. It is a perfect option for a dose of energy in the afternoon, early evening or even during an intense sports activity. It can be taken during a task that requires concentration over a long period of time, such as study sessions. It is also ideal for people who do not like coffee or who are sensitive to this drink.

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